Unleash the Power of DNA

Harness the power of DNA!

Are you looking for answers to your genealogy questions?  Searching for an unknown parent or ancestor?  Whatever it is, DNA is a powerful tool that can unlock family mysteries.
DNA Hunters' offers the following types of DNA assistance.

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You've done DNA testing, but want help interpreting your results.  Or you're not sure where to start with DNA testing to further your genealogy research.

DNA Hunters will jump in and do the hands-on work to solve your family mystery.

Talks Webinars Workshops

You need to find a speaker for your genealogy organization.  You want someone who really understands DNA and also explains it clearly, keeping both novices and professionals engaged.  

We've got your speaker.

DNA Hunters Society

You want to further your DNA skills, and you're missing in-person genealogy meetings.  You want to both lessons on achieving your DNA goals and a place to connect with fellow genealogists like you.

DNA Hunters Society is a perfect solution!

What They Say

“This discovery, made possible by Mary Eberle’s work and attention to detail, is perhaps the greatest gift of my life.”

L.D., discoverer of family secret

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“I could have never done this without Mary Eberle.”

K.S., adoptee

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“I highly recommend hiring Mary Eberle if you want to find answers to your family mystery.”

P.R., son of late adoptee

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