Education and Events

DNA Talks, Workshops, and Webinars

Wisconsin Historical Society, Madison, WI on 5/23/2020

  • Interpreting Your AncestryDNA Results
  • Interpreting Your 23andMe Results
  • GEDMatch: New Tools for Analyzing Your DNA & Finding New Matches
  • Understanding Ethnicity Estimates

Dallas Genealogical Society Webinars on 7/25/20

  • Introduction to Using DNA for Genealogical Research
  • Using Autosomal DNA for Genealogical Research
  • Hands-On Exercise–Interpreting One Person’s AncestryDNA Results

Federation of Genealogical Society 2020 National Conference, Kansas City, MO on 9/2/20 – 9/5/20

  • Overcoming DNA Overwhelm—Organizing Your DNA Matches
  • Combining DNA Results from Different DNA Testing Companies
  • 7 Steps to Find a Birth Parent With DNA
  • Using X-DNA for Genealogical Research

Current DNA Workshops Offered by Mary Eberle

Mary is available for DNA workshops for your society.  Below is a list of DNA workshops from which your society can select.  DNA workshops typically last for a 6-hour period, but can be adjusted to meet your society’s needs.  The following DNA workshops are currently available.

  1. Genetic Genealogy Basics (Beginner Level)
  2. Digging Deeper into DNA Testing (Beginner to Intermediate Level)
  3. Adoption and Unknown Parentage (Advanced Level)