Facebook Live on 3/24/2020

Please join Mary Eberle, JD and Thomas MacEntee for a FREE Facebook Live session on March 24, 2020 from 1:00 to 2:00 pm CDT.  We’ll be discussing the latest developments in DNA testing for genealogy research as well as DNA privacy issues.  We’ll be taking questions from the audience and offer a special discount on Virtual DNA Consultations with Mary.

To join, follow DNAHunters (one word) on Facebook.

Possible topics:

  • DNA & privacy
  • National DNA Day & expected sales
  • Color-coding DNA matches at AncestryDNA (Mary’s favorite new feature)
  • Will my DNA matches respond to my messages now that everyone is home?
  • Closures of genealogy conferences & alternatives to in-person conferences

Wisconsin Historical Society, Madison, WI on 5/23/2020

  • Interpreting Your AncestryDNA Results
  • Interpreting Your 23andMe Results
  • GEDMatch: New Tools for Analyzing Your DNA & Finding New Matches
  • Understanding Ethnicity Estimates

Dallas Genealogical Society Webinars on 7/25/20

  • Introduction to Using DNA for Genealogical Research
  • Using Autosomal DNA for Genealogical Research
  • Hands-On Exercise–Interpreting One Person's AncestryDNA Results

Federation of Genealogical Society 2020 National Conference, Kansas City, MO on 9/2/20 – 9/5/20

  • Overcoming DNA Overwhelm—Organizing Your DNA Matches
  • Combining DNA Results from Different DNA Testing Companies
  • 7 Steps to Find a Birth Parent With DNA
  • Using X-DNA for Genealogical Research

Waupaca Area Genealogy Society, Waupaca, WI on 10/10/20 “Using DNA for Adoptions and Unknown Parentage Work”

  • Introduction
  • 7 Steps to Find a Birth Parent with DNA
  • Case Study 1
  • Case Study 2