Client Research

Client Research

DNA testing can be complicated.  Want help?  DNA expert and former lawyer, Mary Eberle, finds biological parents of adoptees and others with unknown parents.  Countless adoptees and others with unknown parents have received answers from Mary on their questions about their biological origins.  

Mary also finds unknown biological grandparents when a deceased parent didn't know their birth parents.  This is done by DNA testing of adult children of the deceased parent and genealogical detective work.

One client, Lucinda, wrote a memoir about how she and Mary uncovered a family secret that her mother took to her grave.

Interested in Working Together?

Research pricing is $195/hour.  To contact Mary Eberle about your research project, please complete the Contact Form or email her directly at Mary(at)


If you need professional assistance with DNA analysis or solving a mystery like ours, then look no further.”

–S.A., new half-brother

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“I could have never done this without Mary Eberle.”

–K.S., adoptee

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