K.S., Adoptee, Read More

Until Mary Eberle took the time to explain it to me, I didn’t even know that DNA science had evolved to the point where we could find DNA matches to our parents’ relatives.  As an adoptee, this was incredible news!  I was able to input my birthmother’s minimal family tree in a couple of days, and Mary & I built a much larger tree together while we awaited the results of my DNA test.
In only two months after my DNA was posted online, she had already found several close relatives on my birthfather’s side.  Comparing their family trees allowed Mary to build a composite tree for me, & comparing my DNA to theirs allowed Mary to determine his identity – which I had never known before.

My family tree now goes back to the 16th century on my birthmother’s side and to the 17th century on my birthfather’s side!  I’ve so enjoyed reading about major events in their lives, from Mozart’s concerts in their city to the horrors of their wars from Napoleon’s march on Russia, to the Irish Black & Tans in Cork, & to the US Civil War & World Wars.  I’ve also learned about my family traits and causes of death going back generations, which has already affected my doctor’s course of treatment.

I could have never done this without Mary. She is not only a DNA decoding expert, she is also quite knowledgeable about the functionality of the many websites used to decipher DNA and complex familial relationships, and knows the ‘tricks’ to get the most useful information from them.  Working with her was truly a gift.  At age 60, she has given me the family I never had – and in two weeks, I will finally meet them.

K.S., Adoptee