Current DNA Workshops Offered by Mary Eberle

Mary Eberle Speaker

Is your genealogy society looking for DNA education in an easy-to-understand format? Mary is available for webinars, all-day DNA workshops, and other speaking engagements.

Below is a list of DNA workshops from which your society can select.  DNA workshops typically last for a 6-hour period, but can be adjusted to meet your society’s needs.  The following DNA workshops are currently available. You can also select a set of four talks for a custom DNA workshop. Contact Mary for more information on available talks.

  1. Genetic Genealogy Basics (Beginner Level)
  2. Digging Deeper into DNA Testing (Beginner to Intermediate Level)
  3. Adoption and Unknown Parentage (Advanced Level)

Mary Eberle’s knowledge and understanding of DNA is superb. Her ability to bring it down to a beginner level and yet keep the advanced individual interested is a talent she manages without difficulty. Mary is often sought out for her views, knowledge and instruction.

–  Henrietta M. Christmas, President of the New Mexico Genealogical Society

I've witnessed Mary's ability to present complex DNA concepts to a live audience, whether it is a lecture or a hands-on workshop. She is adept at drilling down to the essential core knowledge that the participants need to succeed. Mary is always available for questions and feels comfortable saying “I'm not sure” and adding a “let me do some research” follow-up.

I've attended numerous DNA-related lectures, and with Mary Eberle's presentations I ALWAYS learn something new and I know that her knowledge is coming from years of experience in the DNA field.

– Thomas MacEntee, Founder & CEO, High-Definition Genealogy LLC