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DNA Hunters expertly serves adoptees and others with unknown parents. Many of our clients have spent decades looking for birth parents. With DNA Hunters help and expertise, oftentimes this is accomplished in weeks or months.

Founder Mary Eberle is a DNA expert and genetic genealogist. She formed DNA Hunters,® LLC in 2015. Her team finds people’s biological parents, grandparents, and other ancestors.

She is also an educator, an international speaker, and the author of “23 Best Tips for DNA Testing and Family History.”

Mary is a retired patent attorney with extensive DNA experience. Over 30 years ago, she began her scientific career. She developed DNA tests for transplant patients. Today, Mary clearly explains DNA by weaving stories, metaphors, and examples into her teachings.

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The DNA Hunters team adheres to the Code of Ethics of the Association of Professional Genealogists and the prevailing genealogy research standards. They also adheres to the Genetic Genealogy Standards.

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