About DNA Hunters, LLC

Let me save you that 990 mile trip!

Have you done DNA testing because you heard that it'll solve all of your family mysteries?  Or maybe you're not even sure where to start.  

As a scientist, I designed DNA tests for people who needed bone marrow transplants. Even so, I was mystified when I first received my DNA results from a direct-to-consumer DNA testing company.  I won't name names–OK, it was 23andMe. 🙄

That's when I drove 990 miles to attend an advanced DNA workshop taught by CeCe Moore in Dallas in 2015.  Since then, I have worked full-time as a genetic genealogist–both doing 1:1 client research and as an international speaker.

Not only am I a scientist, I'm a former biotech patent attorney. Unlike many with this background, I explain complex information clearly.  Maybe that's because I come from a long line of teachers.👩🏻‍🏫 🍎

Today, teaching at in-person event is on hold.  Where do we turn?  It's great to have webinars, but what about the community aspect–you know, drinks and dinner with your genealogy friends at conferences?

You might be looking for both DNA education AND a dedicated community to help you achieve your research goals.  If so, I invite you to jump on the no-obligation wait list for the DNA Hunters Society membership site.  I set it up to help people achieve their family research goals.  It has

  • a library of 17 hour-long videos with extensive handouts
  • mini-courses
  • live Q&A calls with me
  • a community forum
  • member perks, including discounts on services

Join me for the solution to the loss of in-person genealogy events–the DNA Hunters Society!

Mary Eberle DNA speaking

Get Your DNA Roadmap Here

Want a DNA Plan to optimize your family research?  The DNA Roadmap goes through several steps to make the most of your DNA testing.  

It also includes information on transferring your DNA test results from one company to another to find more DNA matches to solve your family mystery, get another ethnicity estimate–AND save some money.