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  • determine which DNA test is best for you
  • understand your DNA results
  • combine your DNA results with traditional genealogy methods

DNA Hunters can help you achieve your goals.  Find out more about the DNA Services and Fees of DNA Hunters, LLC.

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DNA Hunters specializes in helping adoptees and others with unknown parents find their birth families.

Are you . . .

trying to solve a family mystery?

Are you looking for lost ancestors, your birth family, or where your family comes from?  DNA Hunters, LLC can help you find missing ancestors and relatives.  With DNA testing, today many people are finding missing ancestors and relatives and learning more about their families.  But it can be overwhelming and complicated.  There are so many test options, and the tests provide a huge amount of information.

The good news is that Mary Eberle of DNA Hunters, LLC is here to help you.  She’s a former DNA scientist and patent attorney.  She’ll be your guide and interpreter during your DNA testing.

thinking about using DNA for genealogy research, but want guidance on the best approach?

If you’re trying to determine which company to test with, which DNA test to order, and which relative to have tested, DNA Hunters can guide you through the best approach and help you with a research plan.  DNA Hunters recommends three DNA testing companies and provides ways to save money with your DNA testing.

feeling overwhelmed now that you have your DNA results?

Maybe you’ve already tested and received your results.  Need help sorting through your huge number of matches?  Not sure how to best look at your matches or communicate with them?  DNA Hunters provides guidance on how to review your results, communicate with your matches, and analyze your DNA results.  It also helps you use third party DNA sites to further analyze your DNA results.  This additional information can be instrumental in understanding how you and your DNA matches are related.

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