Genetic Genealogy Basics (Beginner Level)

This Genetic Genealogy Basics/How to Understand Your DNA Results Workshop workshop will include the following presentations.  This workshop is designed for beginners, but also covers more advanced topics.

  1. Introduction to Using DNA for Genealogy Research:  Want to start using DNA for genealogy research but want guidance on the best approach? Received your DNA results and want a better understanding of them? This talk covers DNA basics, available tests, and how to develop your DNA testing plan.
  2. Using Autosomal DNA for Genealogy Research:  Autosomal DNA (atDNA) provides the most useful information for most genealogists. Learn how to analyze your atDNA test results and find common ancestors with your DNA matches.
  3. Using Y-DNA, Mitochondrial DNA, and X-DNA for Genealogy Research:  Understanding when these types of DNA can help (and when they won’t) is crucial. Learn how these types of DNA can be used to answer your genealogy questions.
  4. Hands-on Exercise:  This exercise will go through interpreting one person’s DNA results from Ancestry. Learn some tricks for clarifying and making the most of your DNA test results.