Adoption & Unknown Parentage

Today, DNA can be used to find birth families following adoption or other situations, such as donor-conception.  No matter what the situation is, DNA testing can be used to find birth families.

The owner of DNA Hunters, Mary Eberle, is trained to use DNA to find their birth families.  She trained with top experts, CeCe Moore and Angie Bush, at their various courses on advanced genetic genealogy & unknown parentage.  She has successfully helped clients find their birth families.  Read their testimonials here.

Two Options for Adoption and Unknown Parentage:

The two options for this work are

(1) Coaching:  Mary coaches you through the research needed to find birth family.  Advice is provided on where you should test, how to interpret your test results, and additional people to ask to test.  Coaching is done on an hourly basis at $75/hour and billed monthly.

(2) Family Searching:  Mary performs the research to find birth family.  This work typically takes 25 or more hours.  25-hour blocks of time are provided at $75/hour ($1,875).

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