How to Transfer Your DNA Results to GEDMatch

  1. Please note that you should only upload your results from one DNA testing company.
  2. Create a new account at
    1. Fill in the required information.
    2. You will receive a kit number, starting with a letter, for each set of DNA results.
    3. You can manage multiple kits from one user.
  3. Download your raw DNA testing results as a zip file from the company where you tested your DNA.
  4. Upload the data, that is, the zip file(s), to GEDMatch.

Steps 2 and 3 are explained below for each DNA testing company.

Downloading from Ancestry:

  1. At main DNA page, click on the “settings” button.
  2. On right side, there are actions you can take.
    1. Click on “download your raw DNA data.”
    2. Click on “get started” button.
      1. A popup appears
      2. Enter your password and hit confirm
    3. Ancestry then sends you an email to confirm that you want to download your raw data.
    4. Click on the link in the email, which sends you back to Ancestry’s web site.
    5. Click ONCE on “download raw DNA” button.
    6. Keep file as a zip file (don’t open it).

Downloading from FamilyTreeDNA:

  1. From the pull-down menu “My DNA,” select “My FamilyFinder,” and then “Raw Data.”
  2. Select the following options.
    1. Build 36 autosomal raw data and
    2. Build 36 X chromosome data
  3. Keep file as a zip file (don’t open it).

Downloading from 23andMe:

  1. Go to profile icon on top right.
  2. Click get / browse raw data.
  3. This opens a new page.
  4. There, go to the top right and click on “download.”
  5. This opens a new page.
  6. Near the bottom of the new page,
    1. enter
      1. your password and
      2. your answer to your top secret question, and
    2. click on the profile box for the right person.
  7. Download all DNA.
  8. Keep file as a zip file (don’t open it).


Uploading from FamilyTreeDNA:

  1. On main page, there’s a link for uploading data.
  2. For FTDNA, there are two files: autosomal DNA (atDNA) and X-DNA.
  3. Fill in information.
    1. You can use alias.
    2. Enter kit number.
    3. Click on sex.
    4. You can include mtDNA & Y haplogroup—or leave it blank.
    5. Chose whether to authorize data to be available to others. You must chose “Yes” if you want to compare your DNA results to others.
  4. Go to where your atDNA file is stored on your computer (remember there’s an atDNA file and an X-DNA file) and click on it.
  5. Once your atDNA file is uploaded, do the same for your X-DNA file. (If you don’t upload your X-DNA, it won’t work.)
  6. Wait 10-15 minutes for data to upload. Don’t stop once it starts.
GEDMatch Uploads
Gedmatch File Uploads

Uploading from Ancestry and 23andMe:

  1. Fill out information required (same as above).
  2. Chose where file is & upload it.
  3. Check button to make data available for comparisons.



  1. Once your data is uploaded, it will be available for the 1:1 comparison, but not the 1:many comparison.
  2. It takes 2 weeks to 1 month for your data to be fully usable, 1: many doesn’t work until your data has been “tokenized.”
    1. Your page will indicate when your data has been tokenized.