Third Party DNA Sites

Third Party DNA Sites Help Interpret Your DNA Results

DNA Hunters, LLC recommends two third party DNA sites: (1) Gedmatch and (2) DNAGedcom.  Both are free.


GEDmatch has a database of people’s results from the “Big Three DNA testing companies.”  Thus, if you transfer your DNA results to Gedmatch, you’ll get to look for matches from a portion of the two other testing companies.  Gedmatch also has great tools for analyzing your Ancestry DNA results.

If you have results from AncestryDNA, transfer these results to Gedmatch.

You can also transfer your DNA results from FamilyTree DNA to Gedmatch.  This might be the way to go if you started your DNA testing at FamilyTree DNA.  Note that it’s best to transfer only one set of results–Ancestry DNA or FamilyTree DNA to Gedmatch–not both.



The Autosomal DNA Segment Analyzer at currently accepts test results from FamilyTree DNA.  Your results, along with your matches’ results get transferred to DNAGedcom.  Your results are graphically displayed and show each chromosome, where your matches match both you and your other matches.  It also shows whether your matches are “in common with” each other.  If two matches have overlapping DNA segment matches with you and are in common with each other, then the three of you should share a common ancestor.  This is a powerful way to sort out maternal and paternal matches.

DNAGedcom recently released a tool for transferring Gedmatch results to it.  This tool requires Tier 1 membership at DNAGedcom.

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