DNA Testing Companies

DNA Hunters, LLC recommends testing at the following DNA testing companies:  AncestryDNA, 23andMe, and Family Tree DNA.  All of these companies provide autosomal DNA testing.  Only Family Tree DNA also offers full testing of mitochondrial DNA and Y-DNA.

Each of these companies has its own pool (or database) of people who’ve tested with that company.  For example, when you test with AncestryDNA, your DNA results will be compared to the DNA results of other people in its pool.  To find the most relatives, testing at all three companies is recommended.

To save money,  coupon codes are below.  Links to sales at are also provided below.  The Most Economical Way to Test at All Three DNA Testing Companies shows the cheapest route to test at the companies.


Ancestry Kit

Big Three DNA Testing Companies:


AncestryDNA offers autosomal DNA (atDNA) testing.  The image to the right shows AncestryDNA’s atDNA kit.  Use this AncestryDNA link to order a DNA testing kit.  The cost is usually $99 + shipping.  Occasionally, the kits go on sale.

AncestryDNA has a coupon to get free shipping on DNA kits, when you buy more than one DNA kit.  Use the coupon code DNAFREESHIP to get free shipping on your second, third, etc. kit.  This coupon can be fussy, but give it a try.  

FamilyTree DNA

FamilyTree DNA offers autosomal DNA, Y-DNA, and mitochondrial DNA testing.  For more information and to order a DNA from FamilyTree DNA, use this FamilyTree DNA link.

Autosomal DNA testing at FamilyTree DNA normally costs $99 + shipping.  To save $60, you can first test at AncestryDNA and then transfer your DNA results from AncestryDNA for $39!  Get $5 off by using coupon code FTDNA5.


23andMe offers autosomal DNA testing.  It previously offered health results also.  Currently, for health testing, it only offers testing for Bloom Syndrome carrier status.

If cost is a concern, then testing with 23andMe is often done as a last step if you are “fishing in all three ponds.”  For more information on saving money during your testing, see the Ways to Save Money at All Three DNA Testing Companies.