Genealogy DNA Research

What is Genealogy DNA Research?

Genealogy DNA Research is for people wanting more in-depth assistance with using DNA for family research.  Help can be provided at any step of the process:  determining which DNA to order, interpreting the your DNA test results, determining which, if any, additional tests to order.  A written report of your DNA test results can also be provided.

DNA is a powerful tool that can be used to answer genealogy questions.  DNA can answer the most basic questions, like:

  • what is my ethnicity?
  • who do I match?

DNA can also oftentimes answer more specific genealogy questions, like:

  • did my grandfather really come from Finland?
  • which of my great-great grandmother’s husband is my great-great grandfather?

In addition, DNA can oftentimes do amazing genealogical things like:

  • break through brick walls
  • find lost ancestors


Genealogy DNA Research DNA can take 12 or more hours at $75/hour.

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